Who will be the French Pokemon champion?

The adventure started in Verberie yesterday and can end in San Francisco in August! All weekend, Espace Dagobert hosts the French Pokemon Championship, the final of which is to be held today. They are nearly 300 players and guides to have made the trip to Lille or Corsica. With the ultimate dream of becoming the master of their category and perhaps playing the World Championship this summer, in the United States, in order to compare themselves to the best players in the world.

This year, Pikachu, Charmander, Meowth and their friends are celebrating their 20th birthday. “And there are always many enthusiasts, underlines Hervé Marcant, the organizer who was contaminated by his two sons, both former champions of France. Many of us love these little monster battles. There is the video game, the cards, the cartoon and all the derivative products. In this room the youngest participant is 6 years old and the oldest is over 60 years old. ”

In their world, two-player card games are called Swiss rounds. Each round lasts 50 minutes and one participant is eliminated. At the end of the final, a champion will be appointed among the three age categories. He will win 500 points and many gifts. “The objective is to be among the 22 best European players to participate all expenses paid in the grand final,” says Hervé Marquant. The winner of this championship will have a good lead and can hope to go. “