The Pokémon Go game finally available in France

After days of waiting and anguish, three postponements of the release date, the French can download the Pokémon Go application … finally. France was one of the last European countries where the game was not available.

The Pokémon Go game finally available in France
It was finally Sunday July 24 that Pokémon Go landed on French phones.

Launched in early July in New Zealand and the United States, then gradually worldwide, the Pokémon Go application left its French fans waiting.

The initial release was scheduled for July 15 but, due to the Nice bombing the day before, its leaders had postponed the date “out of respect” for the three days of French national mourning.

Rumors and noises of corridors
From the start of the following week, rumors and false information began to invade French Facebook and Twitter. The game appeared to be due out on July 19. But nothing.

New rumor two days later, the game would be available soon, Thursday July 21 at 5 p.m. But again nothing. The nerves of the future French “trainers” were put to the test.

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While it was possible to get hold of the game through skillful crossings through the twists and turns of technology for several days, many phone owners have been waiting for THE official French version.

It was finally Sunday July 24 that Pokémon Go landed on French phones. “Trainers, we are proud to reveal that #PokemonGO is officially available for download in France,” Nintendo said on Twitter.

Warning of the national guard
For some, this undisguised joy turned into a bad experience. Discovery of corpses, falling off a cliff, car accidents, the media keep reporting the more or less tragic misadventures that have happened to the “trainers” that absorption in the game has made inattentive to the rest of their environment.

Even if the application opens with a warning message for them – “Always pay attention and look around” – the national gendarmerie has already made arrangements. She tweeted advice to Pokémon “trainers”: “Drivers, don’t play Pokémon Go.”

Paris firefighters also posted a photo of the little creatures on Twitter and Facebook advising: “Catch them all, but not just anyhow.”