Sophora and Saturnin

Sophora and Saturnin are the player’s rivals in Pokémon Sword and Shield, respectively, and land with the arrival of the Lonely Island of Armor DLC!

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Sophora and Saturnin are minor characters, present only on Isolarmor, who immediately present themselves as your archenemies.

Poison-type specialist and singer in search of glory, Sophora travels to Isolarmor in the hope of becoming the pupil of the venerable Mustar, the master of the house and former Master of the League. Despite her efforts to appear cute, she will not hesitate to use the back door to achieve her ends. His goal is to successfully found a Poison-type arena in Galar and his Pokémon of choice is a Ramoloss of Galar, the brand new alternate form of Ramoloss that’s also coming with DLC! Its Pokémon vary in level, depending on whether the player is crowned Master of the Galar League or not.

If you vaguely meet her in Brasswick the first time, it’s in Isolarmor, outside the station, that she first challenges you, thinking you can beat it easily.