Pokémon Presents: Sword / Shield DLC and…

Seven months after the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, the DLC Isolation Armor finally arrives and presents itself one last time on video, accompanied by a few surprises.

Tsunekazu Ishihara took the floor to present today’s news. First game: a new one called Pokémon Smile. This is a free tool to make brushing more “fun” for the little ones.

Second game: Pokémon Café & Mix, a game where you play the owner of a café and complete a series of small puzzle games. The goal is to be sure to keep your Pokémon customers happy, who can even join your team. As you progress, you can expand the cafe, benefit from new equipment and Pokémon. The game will be available on June 24 on both Switch and mobile.

Third game… none other than the successor of a good old variation of Pokémon: New Pokémon Snap! The game is also due to arrive soon, but the images shown are obviously images of the game in development. As a reminder, in the original game, you played a young photographer driven by the desire to collect photos of all possible Pokémon.

Ishihara makes a small insert on Pokémon GO, evoking the GO Fest which, this year, will integrate Victini. The Megas will also be arriving in the near future, along with Canarticho de Galar, Palarticho and player outfits in Isolarmor.

Ishihara finally evokes the DLC of Pokémon Sword and Shield. The first part is indicated as already available, whereas it was expected for 4pm! To play, download the update first. A Zeraora raid, including a chromatic version, is also presented. If a million players manage to beat Zeraora in a Raid, everyone will get the Chromatic.

Final surprise: there will actually be another Pokémon Presents this June 24 … What will you expect?