Pokémon Presents announces Pokémon Unite game

After last week’s Pokémon Presents, a new presentation this afternoon details the “big project” teased on June 17th.

On June 17, a presentation soberly titled Pokémon Presents announced several games: the DLC Isolarmor of Sword and Shield released in the wake, but also Pokémon Smile (a game to help brushing teeth for children), Pokémon Café Mix (released last night) and the surprising but already awaited New Pokémon Snap. We did know, however, that this Wednesday, a new big announcement was coming… The company Tencent seems to be related. But what is this project?

The focus is on the exchange and the community to announce Pokémon Unite, a multiplayer game developed among others with Tencent. This is a co-op game that boasts gameplay and accessibility, and will pit teams of five / Pokémon against each other in an area with allies on the left and enemies on the right. You can capture wild Pokémon there to get points. Everyone starts at level 1 and levels up or even evolves by fighting.

As in the main series, you will choose the abilities of your Pokémon. “Unite moves” will also be possible. The game will be playable on Switch and on portable media on the principle of free-to-star (free at the start, with microtransactions thereafter).