Pokémon Masters celebrates its 6 months!

A new update awaits Pokémon Masters players on the occasion of the 6 months of the game, and the 14 years of the Pokémon license!
This Thursday, a video released on the Pokémon YouTube channel announced an update to the Pokémon Masters mobile game, which turns 6 months old. The update came out early this morning.

An update that includes the long-awaited arrival of the legendary trainer Red, who came with his Charizard until March 16. The latter will be able to mega-evolve in combat as we see in the promotion video. A duo comprising Inezia and Motisma is also available until this date.

But that’s not all ! A map to facilitate progression through side events has also been added. Thanks to it, new areas will be accessible.

Passio also sees the opening of the Villa de Combat, a new combat mode that will allow teams of up to 9 pairs to be formed. Many rewards are up for grabs such as Special Surprise Biscuits or Surprise Rolls.
Finally, the Pokémon Center will also see some changes.

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