Pokémon HOME available in February in 2 formulas for Switch and mobile

We know (finally) more about the content and prices of Pokémon HOME. It will be released in two versions, Switch and mobile, and in two formulas, one free and one paid …

Pokémon HOME will arrive in February 2020. This service which will allow the transfer of Pokémon from previous generations will be available in two versions: a basic, free, and a premium. In particular, it will be possible to transfer Pokémon from the 3DS and Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee games, without the possibility of returning to their original game once placed on Sword and Shield.

HOME also seems to want to promote the community aspect, since there will be group exchange features. GTS and miracle trades (in a Miracle Box) will also be possible through this.

Basic. The basic version is not compatible with the Bank. You can only drop 30 Pokémon, 3 in the Miracle Box and 1 in the GTS. The Judge function is not there and we cannot organize discussion groups.
Premium. The premium version allows transfer from Pokémon Bank and gives access to all the previously mentioned features. You can store 6000 Pokémon, 10 in the Miracle Box and 3 in the GTS.
HOME will also be available on Switch and mobile (compatibility with GO coming later). The mobile version will not, however, allow you to move Pokémon with the video games themselves, but will show much more information about Pokémon than the Switch version.

For detailed information on how HOME works, we invite you to visit the official website.

The premium version is displayed at three different subscriptions: one at 2.99 / month, one at 4.99 / 3 months, and an annual at 15.99 euros. To this will be added the price of the Pokémon Bank if you want to transfer Pokémon from there. If you don’t have it yet, be aware that Bank and Poké Transfer will be free for one month from HOME release.

HOME will thus become the bias for the National Pokédex, since you will need to transfer a Pokémon to it to access its complete file.