Pokémon Direct recap for January 9, 2019

The Pokémon Direct revealed its secrets on January 9, 2019 during a 20-minute presentation.

The live will have started … with the announcement of a Mystery Dungeon! It is obviously a remake of the first opus, the Rescue Teams, with a very illustrative style. The game will be called Rescue Team DX and will be released on March 6, 2020, 15 years after the original games.

Masuda and Ohmori then took the floor to give a Pokémon Sword and Shield recap. They then announced an expansion pass for these games (downloadable content, in short). The pass is still in development. We will discover new characters, new clothes and new hairstyles. The pass is called “The Lonely Isle of Armor”, “The Snowy Lands of the Crown” – it’s two parts. The images having paraded are really very abundant in characters and Pokémon.

The first part of the DLC is for June, and the second for the fall.

Mr. Tani, the director of the pass, presented the DLC. “Lonely Isle of Armor” takes place on Lone Armor Island, featuring Pokémon not found elsewhere in Galar. It also features a Dojo run by Mustar, who was Tarak’s mentor and a former Galar Master. In the Sword version, you will see Sophora, and in Shield, Saturnin, as rivals in this training.

At the heart of the scenario: Wushours, Fighting Pokémon entrusted by Mustar, and which can evolve into Shifours. This Pokémon has two styles: Final Fist (Combat / Dark), or Thousand Fists (Combat / Water). It even has a Gigamax shape that differs in style, and unheard of talent and ability.

All three of the starting Pokémon will have new forms as well, including Gigamax, and there will be new styles of clothing and riding bikes. We also glimpsed Gigamax for Tortank and Florizarre.

Tani moves on to the second DLC. It takes place in a snowy region with temples and a lot of exploration of which you will be the leader. The legendary Sylveroy, of the Psy / Plant type, is at the heart of this adventure. You will be able to explore these lairs with your friends and meet many ancient legendary dynamaxed! There would even be legendary strangers to discover …

Tani clarifies that the maps of the two DLCs are maps similar to the Wildlands with free movement of the camera.

Ohmori then specifies that more than 200 Pokémon are to be found in these other regions. A free update will allow those without the expansion pass to transfer these Pokémon into their game (including trade-in), and they will also be transferable through Pokémon HOME (free release in February 2020).

Gigamax raids will now allow you to encounter Monthracite, Lokhlass, Pomdrapi, and Dratatin more frequently. You will thus encounter Sophora or Saturnin depending on your game in Brasswick, as well as a Ramoloss of Galar who can later evolve into Flagadoss or Roigada depending on whether you give him an item of Isolation or Crownige. Maintenance is underway on the Sword / Shield servers to introduce all these little people.

We end with the price of the pre-order extension pass: 29.99 euros. A budget vis-à-vis the initial game … but less than what you would have spent for a complementary version.