New Pokémon Snap: a release date and details on the new region!

Photography enthusiasts and fans of the excellent Pokémon Snap released for Nintendo 64 will be delighted to experience the new region of Lentis, as well as the bizarre Lumina phenomenon, with New Pokémon Snap.

An ecological orientation within the Lentis archipelago
Prepare to discover the sumptuous Lentis Islands in New Pokémon Snap. With its lush jungles and immense deserts, the Lentis region is a true natural wonder offering diverse ecosystems and teeming with Pokémon just waiting to be observed. As budding photographers, players will take part, alongside Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita, in an ecological study aimed at photographing the wild Pokémon of the archipelago.

Thanks to the Neo One, you will be able to cross the imposing preserved spaces of the region in complete safety. The automatic vehicle will follow several routes through the islands, allowing you to focus on your shots.

The mysterious Lumina phenomenon
Many wild Pokémon inhabit the different environments of the region. Some patrol their territory in groups, others stroll peacefully alone, fly over islands or have fun with other species of Pokémon. It will be possible to use the delicious Tender Lentis Apples to grab their attention or just watch them feast. You can even use it to observe their reactions in various situations! Additionally, some Pokémon and plants occasionally emit a flicker. This strange phenomenon unique to the Lentis region is called Lumina. Uncover its secrets by boarding your trusty Neo One!

Professor Mirror will assess and grade your photos. Your final score will be based on the Pokémon’s pose, its size in the image, whether it is facing you or not, or its position in the frame. As you explore, you will discover Pokémon adopting attitudes and behaviors as yet unknown, and your favorite photos will allow you to fill your Pokémon Photodex.

A release date revealed
New Pokémon Snap will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch starting Friday, April 30. Please follow the following link for more information:

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