Discover a new Pokémon for Pokémon Day 2020!

The Pokémon license turns 24 today! The opportunity for The Pokémon Company to organize a few events, including the reveal of a new creature.

The very end of the Pokémon of the Year announcement video (for the Japanese version, at least) showed the fabulous new Pokémon that CoroCoro had revealed. This is a Dark / Plant type whose name is Zarude, having the Leaf Guard talent. More information on how to obtain it is expected to be released shortly.

Small period of raids on the rails! Until March 1, Mewtwo and Kanto’s Starter Pokémon are available to raid in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Mewtwo cannot be captured but brings back items. These raids give useful elements especially in strategy, such as berries and Orbs. The remake of the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back also arrived on Netflix today.

Also, at 3 p.m., The Pokémon Company released the Pokémon of the Year voting results. We find Ectoplasma (10th), Gardevoir (9th), Rayquaza (8th), Carchacrok (7th), Nymphali (6th), Noctali (5th), Charizard (4th). As for the top three, we find Mimiqui (3rd, who here achieves his goal of supplanting Pikachu), Lucario (2nd) … and as Pokémon of the year, Amphinobi!