Collect Chromatic Zeraora in Pokémon Sword and Shield!

This week, don’t forget to get your Chromatic Zeraora!

Recently, with the release of the “Lonely Isle of Armor” DLC, Zeraora landed in Dynamax 3-5 star raids, either normal or chromatic. If it was then not possible to capture it during these raids, a challenge was issued to the players: if Zeraora was defeated 1,000,000 times by players in raid combat, then the latter would be distributed in chromatic form. to everybody !

Logically, players quickly reached the number of victories required to allow everyone to unlock a Chromatic Zeraora! This Pokémon is already available via the Pokémon HOME mobile app until Tuesday, July 7, at 1:59 a.m.

To collect it, you must first drop a Pokémon on Pokémon HOME from Pokémon Sword & Shield, which is done on the Switch. Then go to the Mystery Gift tab of the Pokémon HOME mobile app and retrieve the code there, then enter this code on your Switch game in the Mystery Gift tab. The distributed Zeraora is of a Rushed nature and has the Absorb-Volt talent, as well as the Close Combat, Plasma Punch, Foot Burner, and Wrath abilities. You can easily complete these steps through the free version of HOME, even if you haven’t participated in a Zeraora raid.