A Pokémon Direct Thursday… to light up HOME?

A Pokémon Direct will take place this Thursday, January 9, potentially to give more details on Pokémon HOME.

Thursday January 9, 2019, at 3:30 p.m., will take place a new Pokémon Direct which will be broadcast as always on official channels (including the dedicated Nintendo Direct site).

We already know that this live will last 20 minutes. While new information is expected on Pokémon HOME, the service that will transfer old Pokémon to Galar if they are in the regional dex, there is always hope for something else. Since the Pokémon Sword and Shield event dedicated to the current Wildlands Gigamaxes ends on Thursday, we may also hear about the rest of the festivities.

As the broadcast time is inconvenient for those of you who will be at school or at work, rest assured to find a live digest here!