The Pokémon Go mobile game, released in 2016, has seen renewed interest since recent updates. In 2019, it generated nearly $ 900 million in revenue, a record.
No, Pokémon Go is not dead, quite the contrary. The game is even attracting new followers. According to data from Sensor Tower, relayed by specialized media The Verge, Pokémon Go broke a record in 2019 with $ 900 million (810 million euros) generated by in-app purchases. Because mobile gaming is free but its economic model is based on micro-transactions. The player may treat themselves to items such as Poké Balls or Heals in-game that help them move faster.

In 2019, Pokémon Go even generated more revenue than since its release three years earlier, when it had caused a real tidal wave. At the time, schools were concerned for the safety of their students, and players even defied bans to enter military bases in Canada.

Income generated per year by Pokémon Go
Income generated per year by Pokémon Go © Sensor Tower
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Pokémon Go has reportedly generated $ 3.1 billion since its release
A year after its release, Pokémon Go had disappointed and revenues fell to $ 589 million (€ 529 million). A precipitous but logical fall for a free game. With updates and the addition of long-awaited features like player-to-player battles, Pokémon Go has come back up.

Game developer Niantic has earned more than $ 3.1 billion (2.8 billion euros) since the Pokémon Go adventure began in 2016, according to Sensor Tower. To be shared with The Pokémon Company, publisher of the game. Terms of the agreement between these two companies are not known.

Faced with the success of Pokémon Go, Niantic has bet on another augmented reality mobile game: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The actual number of players is unknown but it seems less popular than Pokémon Go.