10 tips for pokemon go

1: How to start the adventure with Pikachu
It is possible to start the game with Pikachu as the first Pokémon. For this, you must move away several times from the three creatures that the professor offers you. These will disappear and reappear. After a while, Pikachu will be among them. For the details of this tip, click here.

2: turn off augmented reality
While this one can be quite fun, augmented reality (AR) makes catching Pokémon a lot harder. When the AR is activated, the position of creatures varies, making them more difficult to obtain. While if you cut it, the Pokémon will be centered on your smartphone screen and will hardly move. It will therefore be much easier to target them with a Pokéball.

3: Learn To Read Pokémon Radar
The game incorporates a radar allowing you to imprecisely locate nearby Pokémon. This is located at the bottom right of your smartphone screen. When you click on it, the radar shows you the list of creatures near your location. Learn how to read this list. In fact, the Pokémon at the top left of the list is closest to you. The one at the bottom right furthest away. Do not hesitate to hunt them down in groups so that you can explore an area more quickly.

4: Put some spin on your Pokéball throws
Did you know that by making small circles with your fingertip on the screen of your smartphone during a capture, you could give an effect to your pokeball throws? These will begin to spin on themselves and follow a curved path when launched. If you manage to capture the Pokémon in this way, you will get a small experience bonus.

5: Throw your Pokéballs when the catch circle is small
To capture a Pokémon, you must throw a Pokéball into the colorful circle surrounding the creature. This can be green, yellow, orange or red depending on the difficulty level of the capture. The circle gets smaller and bigger periodically. Try to throw your Pokéballs when the circle is at its minimum size to gain more experience and have a better chance of a successful capture.

6: Remember to use items
Several items can make your life easier, and you will find many of them during your adventure. If the Pokémon become too difficult to capture, you can, for example, use a “Framby Berry” or another type of Pokéball. Just click on the backpack icon to access your items.

7: Save your smartphone battery
Pokémon Go consumes a lot of energy. But there are several tips that can help you extend your gaming time, including enabling battery saver in game settings or using an external battery to charge your device while playing. For more details, read our article dedicated to this topic.

8: Optimize egg incubation
By placing the eggs found during your adventure in incubators, you can hatch new Pokémon. To do this, you have to walk 2, 5 or 10 km depending on the type of egg. But be aware that the distance traveled is only counted if you keep the application open and move on foot. It is currently assumed that the threshold not to be exceeded in terms of speed is around 20km / h.

9: Transfer the Pokémon that you have duplicate, or more
You will certainly have to capture the same Pokémon many times in order to obtain candies that will eventually allow you to evolve them. Be aware that you can get rid of duplicates by transferring them to the teacher. The latter will give you an extra candy for each Pokémon transferred (and don’t ask what these candies are made from, you don’t want to know …).

10: Use your stardust wisely
You get Stardust as soon as you capture a Pokémon or hatch an egg. This allows you to increase the Combat Points of your creatures by clicking on the “Reload” button located in the “Identity sheet” of your Pokémon. This is probably the most important resource in the game. Use it wisely. As a priority, reload Pokémon whose Combat Points bar (which is at the top of the “identity card”, behind the creature) is high but not yet at its end. A Pokémon whose bar is fully filled can no longer gain CP.